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With a unique combination of domain and data expertise, we’re ready to solve your big-data challenge

Integrating large volumes of historical oil and gas data seamlessly and securely is a daunting challenge. With more than two decades of excellence in data-reliant remote operations, we can simplify your data-management challenge and transform the efficiency of your oil and gas operations.

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Our data solutions liberate your experts to spend more time on value-added analytics

Baker Hughes doesn't just offer secure, world-class data-management services. With more than 100 years of experience in oil and gas operations, we bring the domain expertise that you need to unleash the true power of your data, at every stage of project development.

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Integrated Data Stream

A digital experience for field operations that streamlines collaboration across on-site service processes

Our Expertise

Learn more about how we can help manage your oil and gas data

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Work with our oil and gas experts

We bring more than a century of domain expertise and a deep understanding of oil and gas data to our customers. We're experts in getting the right data to the right place at the right time—and extracting the insights you need.

  • Complete version history
  • Full data traceability
  • Access privileges for all data
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Protect your data

As experts in data-flow tracing, we can satisfy any number of restrictive data requirements. Whether at rest or in transit, your data are always encrypted, safe, and compliant.

  • Set appropriate company-wide access controls
  • Configure user access at the individual, group, or role-based level
  • Interface with enterprise-level microservices

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Extract deep insights from any oil and gas data

We can clean, map, and tag any volume of data—of any type and from any source. Regardless of scale or complexity, we’ll extract the highest-quality insights—fast and reliably.

  • Clean and enrich your data
  • Smart tag your data
  • Manage and integrate your data
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Let us adapt to your needs

Whether you require data management services or a single application for your oil and gas data, we can customize our scalable solutions to your needs, enabling more profitable project outcomes.


  • On-premises and cloud-based solutions
  • Real-time oil and gas data transmission, storage, and quality control

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Leverage our domain expertise

Managing oil and gas data requires domain expertise. Baker Hughes has more than a century of experience in oil and gas.

  • Oil and gas knowledge shared across generations
  • Full-stream portfolio, from field development through well production
  • From geothermal to CCUS, our expertise extends to the energy transition
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Fill in any gaps

If you’re missing a vital piece of oil and gas data, our domain-directed machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities will find a solution that fills in the gaps, enabling you to achieve more profitable project outcomes.

  • Search through multiple records for duplicate or missing entries
  • Cross-reference using multiple oil and gas data sources
  • Harmonize conflicting data sets using industry-standard canonical forms

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