• Get consistent and reliable drilling performance
  • Minimize drilling risks with 24-hour, real-time wellbore monitoring and protection
  • Improve decision-making with 24-hour real-time aggregation, monitoring, and analysis of data

  • Wells with inefficient or inconsistent drilling performance
  • Wells with hole cleaning issues, stability issues, or challenging pressure windows
  • Wells that must be repetitively drilled to a trajectory plan



Improve your drilling performance, wellbore quality, and trajectory with i-Trak™ drilling automation services from Baker Hughes. By integrating and automating your drilling systems, the i-Trak services improve the safety, speed, and economics of your drilling operations by moving your personnel from the wellsite to remote operating centers.  

You get improved drilling performance, wellbore quality, and trajectory with services that aggregate real-time surface and downhole data. Further risk reductions and time savings are achieved by implementing hybrid physics-based and data-driven models with automated, standardized operating procedures and checklists.


Critical automation services

i-Trak drilling automation services deliver in three critical areas:

  • Providing fully closed-loop, automated trajectory drilling from Baker Hughes rotary steerable tools
  • Delivering automated reservoir navigation services for increased recovery
  • Analyzing wellbore hydraulics and static loads
  • Tracking drilling dynamics in real time

Our services offer you two types of automated control. An “advisory mode” recommends actions or parameters that must be approved by the driller. A “closed-loop mode” automatically downlinks parameter changes and instructions to the downhole tools. While these systems are automated, the driller stays in the loop and can start or stop the system at any time.

Automation of your drilling systems is critical in today’s competitive and complex drilling environment. i-Trak drilling automation services help you achieve safe, efficient, and predictable drilling performance every time, while reducing your operational risks and well delivery costs.

Contact us to learn how i-Trak drilling automation services can give you reliable, consistent performance in your next drilling program.

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