• Consistent, repeatable, and high-quality fluids performance
  • Superior operational efficiency
  • Accurate, reliable measurement of key drilling fluids properties

  • Dependable in-line device with full, open-bore design
  • Multiple sensors for increased accuracy and redundancy
  • Dual-differential pressure system

  • Real-time fluids monitoring
  • Remote fluids support and management
  • Automated drilling activities

The i-Trak™ automated fluids monitoring service from Baker Hughes reduces your operational risks and well delivery costs by combining continuous monitoring of fluid properties and drilling parameters as well as automated analysis with expert, real-time analysis and technical support.

As part of the service, an automated fluids measurement device, the i-Trak Automated Fluids Monitoring (AFM) unit, captures continuous, real-time fluids measurements including rheology, density, and temperature. The unit can also capture more advanced pressure readings and gel strengths data on a pre-defined, configurable cycle.

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