Whether you need to reverse declining production in mature wells or respond to operational changes downhole, Baker Hughes's CoilTrak™ coiled-tubing drilling (CTD) system gives you efficient re-entry drilling services in almost any environment.

Flexibility and high functionality

The modular CTD system integrates selectable steering control, aligned downhole sensors, and geosteering capability to deliver drilling solutions for your most challenging coiled-tubing re-entry and slimhole applications. The system’s proven performance helps drive efficiency in under- and overbalanced formations, high-pressure/high-temperature wells, H2S environments, and in any type of drilling fluid including aerated mud, foam, or gas.

The CoilTrak CTD system’s modularity gives you set-up options to confidently address varying application requirements and quickly resolve issues of pass-thru restrictions in thru-tubing re-entry operations. The system can be configured at the rig site to meet specific operational needs for casing exit applications including whipstock setting and window milling.

You can ensure optimal wellbore placement by pairing our CTD system with the CoilTrak coiled-tubing drilling bottomhole assembly (BHA). Our BHA provides precise directional control and steering functionality through an automated, continuous, downhole closed-loop control system.

A dedicated e-line inside the coiled tubing delivers power to the BHA, real-time system control, and high-speed data transmission. The e-line efficiently communicates any changes to well trajectory or other downhole parameters to the surface, informing decisions that guide the long-term productivity of your well, without interrupting the drilling process.

The combined functionality of the CoilTrak CTD system and BHA help you achieve high build-up rates and geosteering requirements—and reach targets that were once unattainable by conventional drilling systems.

Contact us to learn how the CoilTrak CTD system can precisely access new pay zones in your reservoir, in less time and at lower cost.

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